Newslettter No. 3

The 10th of December is closing up. Read about our preparations and meet our long-term collaborator Renbjer & Magnusson.












SNNC is just around the corner and we are counting down with our very own SNNC Advent Calendar!


Thank you Göteborgstryckeriet for collaborating with us on this year's event booklet! The booklet is styled after the secret theme and given to the guests upon arrival, guiding them through the night and all the spectacular rooms and must-sees. We are very proud of the result of this year's collaboration!


Göteborgstryckeriet is one of the leading quality printing houses in the Nordic countries and have printed the event booklet of this year's SNNC. Read more about Göteborgstryckeriet at: www.gbgt.se

With only 8 days left to SNNC we would like to present JB Coffeehouse and their Caffè mauro in the SNNC Advent Calendar!


JB Coffeehouse will host their very own coffee bar during the NightCap, brewing coffee on organically grown beans from the slopes of Mount Elgons in eastern Uganda and using Swedish coffee filters. The triple certified organic coffee is mainly made of an Arabica bean called Bugisu. As one of the top coffee drinking nations in the world we're more than thankful for having your coffee supplied to SNNC!


Read more about JB Coffehouse at www.jbcoffeehouse.se

7 days left to SNNC and we would like to present EcoFireProtection in the SNNC Advent Calendar!


SNNC will be protected by an environmentally friendly fire and flame retardant - it's non-toxic, you can even drink it! We greatly appreciate our collaboration and feel safe with EcoFireProtection keeping our party flame-free. However, controlled flames may yet be part of the decor.


Read more about EcoFireProtection at www.ecofireprotection.se

With only 6 days left to SNNC we would like to present @Everfresh in the SNNC Advent Calendar!


Not only are Everfresh providing SNNC with all the fruits and vegetables needed, they're also hosting a juice bar at the SNNC! To top that off, Everfresh are providing us with the delicious lunches served during the construction week when we create the decor and scenery of all the 50 rooms!


Want to win a month's worth of delicious food from Everfresh? Share your best picture of Everfresh's lunch sallads on Instgram and tag @everfreshab with hashtag #minbästalunch. The competition runs from Dec 1-10.


Read more about Everfresh at www.totalproducenordic.se


Happy Nobel Week! 5 days left and today we would like to present Renbjer & Magnusson in our SNNC Advent Calendar!


Our long-standing partnership has continuously yielded highly memorable results by fusing Renbjer & Magnusson's quality products and equipment with the secret themes of each year's SNNC to create a truly magical experience.


Read more about Renbjer & Magnusson at www.renbjermagnusson.se

With only 4 days left to SNNC we would like to present Lindt Choklad Sverige in the SNNC Advent Calendar!


Lindt will be providing SNNC’s guests with chocolate in both liquid and solid forms, and may even turn one into the other! Oh, you’ve already seen a chocolate fountain before? Our chocolatier has something very different in mind!


Read more about Lindt at: www.lindt.se

3 days left and we would like to present Munken by Arctic Paper in the SNNC Advent Calendar!


This year’s event booklet is printed on the environmentally friendly paper Munken. The paper is milled in Munkedal, where monks used to fish for salmon for their monastery, and later gave name to the village, district and one of the most environmentally-friendly paper mills in the world: Arctic Paper Munkedals AB!


Read more about Arctic Paper at: www.arcticpaper.com/

With (barely) 2 days left to SNNC we’d like to present one of the world’s largest brewery groups in our SNNC Advent Calendar, Carlsberg!


Carlsberg will be providing us with a wide selection of beverages and all the means needed to store, chill, and serve them throughout the night! To top that off, our partner will be taking us 133 years back in time with the Father of Lager. What’s that you say? Saturday will tell!


Read more about Carlsberg at www.carlsbergsverige.se

Today's SNNC Advent Calendar comes with an offer from our main partner to you students out there, starting now!


Huawei are offering their Honor 8, awarded “smartphone of the year” by Ljud&Bild, in collaboration with Tele2! The special offer ends this Sunday.


See goo.gl/EX2Nhw for more information.


Students’ Nobel NightCap is created by students to celebrate the Nobel laureates. Taking place after the Nobel Banquet the 10th of December, it is a magical occasion with a different spectacular (and secret!) theme every year.


Four student unions (Stockholm University Student Union, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår, Medical Students’ Association and The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics) in Stockholm take turns to organize the party every four years.


This year, 2017 it will be hosted by Medicinska föreningen at Karolinska institute.



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SNNC Advent Calendar

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Main partner

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider.


With the commitment to customer-driven innovation and strong partnerships, Huawei offers comprehensive solutions for network and cloud-based services. Huawei is also developing consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets and modems for mobile broadband.


Huawei's products and solutions are used in over 170 countries and regions, benefiting over one third of the world’s population. Huawei Sweden was established in 2000 and today has nearly 800 employees in research, development and sales.”






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